Sourcer, auditing, evaluating, developing foreign suppliers

Sourcing a supplier

Once validated the list of suppliers available for a given case, the buyer must initiate the call for tenders or Request for Quotation.

The transmission to suppliers identified, the technical specifications and commercial.

He oversees the technical adjustments and commercial suppliers offers he receives.

He reports in a matrix comparing all bids from suppliers that will justify the reasons for choosing suppliers.

For what need or when?

For a given case, the buyer defines the hierarchical line with its strategy of buying.

In some cases, such as a purchase of such renewal, the buyer and his supervisor decided not to launch a tender.

How-formalizes them?

All documents produced during this stage must be recorded in the Record of Purchase: launch letter of invitation to bid, offers technical and commercial negotiation report.

Develop a supplier

The buyer sometimes has no choice: it must conclude an agreement with a local supplier who is not technically and economically expected. It is therefore necessary to deploy a plan to upgrade the provider to achieve a goal that is both technical, economic, managerial, quality ...

Example of a mission of sourcing, audit, evaluation, encryption upgrade suppliers.

The client does not know the quality and competitiveness of the industrial fabric. The mission was to identify potential suppliers, build a first "sourcing plan," visit, audit, calculate the costs of upgrading and compare results with other references in other countries "low cost". ..

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