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Our commitments to our partners are based on the quality of our services.

TABURY CONSULTANT is a council in Business development in emerging countries. We help companies to identify their needs. We bring our knowledge of your business network and expertise to investors on economic projects. We are working on development projects seeking new partners, on technical trade, with a particular focus on industrial projects with high value.

TABURY CONSULTANT we listen to our client’s concerns in order to conceive the best tailored solution within their budget.

TABURY CONSULTANT is a consultancy specialized in African Business, Strategy, Investment, Development.

We Practice Three Businesses: Organisation. Marketing. Strategy

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Our goal is to offer a win-win partnership that allows an important operating margin for your business.In emerging countries in expension : (China, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa) that have high growth.

Market Research & Individual Trade Missons

TABURY CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL firmly believes that a good knowledge of the market is an essential building block, therefore we always recommend our clients to undertake a market investigation before commencing negotiations. Only in this way is a client able to speak from a position of strength and market knowledge when dealing with potential European or Middle-East partners and government authorities. We assist clients to set up appointments, prepare questionnaires and arrange market visits.During our ‘Individual Trade Missions’ we arrange visits to potential partners in Europe or the Middle-East, based on one-to-one business meetings.

Since 2009, TABURY CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL has conducted 20 trade missions to Europe & West Africa region. Hundreds of new contacts has been offered for participating companies. The missions typically consist of a packed program with briefings, one-on-one business meetings, site visits, cultural events and some sightseeing. The briefings and one-on-one meetings are always tailored and prearranged for the individual delegates to match their business interests. TABURY CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL's missions are designed for small and medium sized businesses, as well as institutions.

Trade missions play an important role for any company involved with international

commerce or programs or those interested in conducting business in Europe or the West-Africa. With preparation and follow-up, missions can be very beneficial and participants benefit in many ways, including:-Obtain sales and contracts as a direct outcome of the mission-Find personal contacts for future follow-up-Sign partnerships and agreements for further business development-Get hands on and up-to-date market information and research-Assess overseas opportunities, culture, infrastructure and potential demand-Initiate new vendor relationships-Learn about the culture, customs, business and operating environments of the target countries

Trade missions can include higher sales revenues, lower procurement costs and better sourcing, education, and cultural/international business savvy.