The word of the president

Ghana represents one of the best opportunities of commercial development and a source of competitiveness in Africa. Today, any company comes to establish in Africa or find partners for its future developments. However “business culture” and the local legal and normative contexts establish serious brakes which can make your project fail with a dry financial loss.

The success of your development in Ghana and in Africa is nevertheless an essential challenge for the success of your company in Africa area. We offer you our knowledge tried for 10 years with several companies accompanied on this market. We realize a complete and evolutionary diagnosis of your project and we accompany you throughout your development until the concrete result.

Within the framework of TABURY CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL, who takes care and coordinates the totality of the necessary missions with its partners' network based in Accra, Africa, in Paris, Europe near your company. The coordination is assured since Paris, a European capital.

The know-how of the Cabinet TABURY CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL and his Partners decline in five main services:

Study of opportunity allowing you to decide on the implementation of your future Development in Ghana and Africa by arranging all the necessary information.

Feasibility study gathering elements necessary for the definition of your strategy and so guaranteeing the implementation of your objectives.

Council and accompanying: in particular, look for partners and supports in the negotiation of agreements to get directly or indirectly the market.

Development and optimization of your activity: optimization of your human resources and the techniques of your installation: representation, Joined Venture, subsidiary or local partners.

A warm welcomes in Ghana and Africa, for your working meetings and produce you of business with the entirety of the professional necessary services.

Our values are:

Professionalism and effectiveness: The partners of TABURY CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL are seniors consultants experimented in their respective domains. We respect the planning of installation of your projects.

Simplicity and speed: our advice, consultations and works are drafted in clear and precise terms; the strategic pins are clearly defined with your company. The answers to your questions are quickly formulated.

Safety and mastered costs: our Club enjoys a contractualized structure recognized .Your files are treated confidentiality, in application of a strict ethical charter. Our fees are adapted to the projet.

We are to represent you and to play a leading part for the promotion and the sale of your products on the international territory. All the serious propositions are to be studied.

I am awaiting your reply about a possible cooperation, I am sure that we can turn this into a long term cooperation with mutual benefits.

Best regards.