Supply Chain Operations

Optimize operations and act on their performance is a critical issue for your business. Indeed, any improvement in operations has a direct impact on the Treasury.

Our interventions fall into three phases - diagnostic, analysis and recommendations, implementation of solutions - include:

The Directorate of Operations (Supply Chain)

Strategy definition, its role and skills

Function Demand Management

Forecasts and sales and marketing perspectives (interface with industrial capacity and logistics), establishing the organization and appropriate tools

Function Purchase. procurement

Optimization of the organization,

Outsourcing project,

Introduction of tender.

Logistics Function

Organization and function of its components,

Schematic flow optimization (factory, warehouse, customers) from specific tools

Implementation of management tools,

◦ Warehouse Management

◦ Management carriers

◦ Inventory Management

◦ Managing references, inventory turnover

The Production Function

Definition of master production

Planning, scheduling.

Factory performance improvements.