Six sigma


LEAN 6 SIGMA: Better satisfy your customers, improve productivity and increase your profitability.

Facing the pressure of competition, all companies must make progress day after day, reduce costs, increase productivity under penalty opt out of their market.

Our services:

  • Lean Approach to hunt non-value and waste.

  • Design approach to LEAN processes (Design for Lean).

  • 6 SIGMA approach to control processes and their variability.

  • Design approach for process 6 SIGMA (Design for 6 Sigma).

  • Analysis and control processes and tertiary services.

  • Analysis and control of industrial processes (MSP / SPC, Tagushi, SMED, FMEA, 5S, ...)

  • Reengineering.

  • Process control design, industrialization and workflow.

  • Total Productive Maintenance.

Project Leader:

  • TABURY Kofi