Quality supplier

Supplier Quality Technician : SQT (TQF)

  • The Supplier Quality Technician is the guarantor of the quality of the parts of its perimeter and thus contributes to the final satisfaction of the customer. He works in partnership with suppliers for the overall improvement of the quality of the company.

  • The TQF must be reactive, it is a very rewarding job, interesting and trainer!

Pilot Progress Supplier : PPF

  • The business of Pilot Progress Providers, in project, is toparticipate in the construction of a robust quality assurance of the suppliers and the qualification of their process. In life series, it pilots their plansof progress and preventive.

  • The SQF is involved in the improvement and development of quality approaches among suppliers, aiming at optimum performance.

Supplier Process Pilot : SPP

  • The Supplier Process Pilot has an international dimension at the service of the projects, its objective is to validate the industrial process of the suppliers of POEs. The result is a thorough analysis of the constituent elements of the process and a convergence of the gaps through rigorously followed action plans.

  • His mission is both strategic and sensitive: the SPP contributes to the constant improvement of the quality of the parts. The process is active from the upstream phase led by the GSFA (Support Group Function Upstream), he goes through a phase of development within the GFE (Group Function Elementaire) and ends with the completion of the file submitted during the PSW (Part Submission Warrant).

ANPQP Driver

  • The ANPQP is the common standard of Renault and Nissan, which defines the quality assurance requirements of suppliers for activities from planning to mass production.

  • The goal is to achieve the objectives of the Alliance in terms of Quality, Costs and Deadlines.

  • The Assurance Quality Assurance pilots have the mission of defining and improving the ANPQP standard, while ensuring its deployment with support for the business lines. They are also in charge of the project management of the ANPQP corporate SI.

Quality Assurance Driver

  • The quality assurance pilot works within the After Sales Department. The main missions are:

  • Quality assurance of aftermarket products distributed by the AVD

  • Developing the Product Quality Assurance Package

  • Give product distribution agreements (CAEI) and / or PSW product /

  • Process approvals Contribute to dealing with the incidentologie.

Quality Suppliers Purchasing

  • The supplier / purchasing quality manager works within the Purchasing Department. The main missions are:

  • Performs Quality System (ASES) assessments at suppliers to give access to GSFA or

  • Trades to new, more efficient suppliers ( or sites)

  • Defines with the supplier the plan of progress to be applied and accompanies it in its implementation

  • Identifies the quality risks associated with the most failing supplier sites,

  • Conducts the appropriate interventions at these sites,in order to protect our factories.

  • Brings quality expertise to buyers, is proposal strength to SAM / RSPM *

  • Pilot the progress of suppliers of its perimeter by applying the POE quality plan, in France and internationally

  • Verifies the correct application of quality assurance tools and approaches by suppliers

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