Continuous Improvement

  • In your company, as part of the benefits of audits related to the ISO9001: 2000, 9001 TS 16949, ISO 14001, ANPQ, Q3P, HACCP.

  • We perform audits, advice and monitoring the implementation of ISO9001: 2000, 9001 TS 16949, ISO 14001, ANPQ, Q3P, HACCP in your business to support your growth.

TABURY CONSULTANT brings to the business skills to:

  • Integrating quality into the corporate strategy.

  • Understand the requirements of a quality approach.

  • Choose one of the repositories of national and international quality management.

  • Build a quality system that maximizes customer satisfaction and initiates a process of continuous progress.

To adapt the principles of quality management and use all the tools together to win daily performance.

Our resources:

  • Total Quality Project.

  • Diagnostic quality.

  • Project quality assurance and certification.

  • Audits of internal and external quality systems.

  • Streamlining quality systems.

  • Management after certification.

  • Kaizen

We assist companies in the optimization consulting and implementation of Just in time, and in the implementation of total quality. We strive to improve the quality documentation (procedures and technical files) associated with the quality control of costs and delay.

Project Leader: