Our Achievements


Thanks to the complementary nature of our skills, the teams of the company TABURY CONSULTANT, involved transversely on the industrial and tertiary sectors. This versatility allows us to expand our business scope and innovate in areas with high potential.

Know-how, expertise

Know-how, technology, quality, cost, time ... .The cross our expertise provides a strong added value to the project of our customers.

Some Achievements

Among the tasks performed representative:

  • Studies and implemented ERP (SAP, KPI) on different industrial groups
  • Conduct of performance shares: improving operations (Quality & Supply chain),
  • Implementation of governance information system
  • Participation in the creation of a new business unit
  • Rationalization of the management: distribution (purchasing, logistics, store) ,Transport
  • Partial outsourcing of IT and business focus of internal teams
  • Production logistics and purchases.
  • Upstream studies (Benchmark, technical-economic studies, consultancy)
  • Study steering,Projet management
  • Purchase, Project and system quality
  • Establishment of Quality management organization
  • Quality Project Manager to improve the quality system.
  • Quality Motor : Engines, gear box and spare parts of automotive industry.
  • KPI,Indicators,Study evolution of activity, action plan, 8D
  • Method and process,Industrialization
  • Quality of customers and suppliers, Continuous improvement
  • Recruitment of consultants, engineers, technicians, analysts, etc...

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