Step by step plan

Step by step plan

To ensure the efficiency of our way of working, we use a seven-step plan.

1. Needs Analysis

During the first meeting with our client, one of the topics covered is a "cultural assessment" that allows us to accurately identify your individual requirements and needs, which guarantees a tailor-made solution.

2. Research Strategy

We begin with a careful analysis of the competition, the market and the target group. Through this analysis of competition, the target group and the development of market mapping, we can focus our efforts effectively. In addition, our search strategy is characterized by a proactive "hunt".

3. Selection

During the first selection, we examine the experience and level of knowledge of the candidate and, of course, we take into account the culture of your company.

4. Screening and Assessment

We proactively make skill-based selections, and if you want to perform assessments, you can outsource this process.

5. Interview

Extensive support to both the candidate and the company throughout the interview process.

6. Placement

We offer support at all levels for a successful placement of the new employee. For example for wage negotiations.

7. Follow-up after integration

We schedule an assessment shortly after the placement of the candidate, to ensure that the initial period runs as smoothly as possible. In addition, we keep in touch with the candidate by setting up regular evaluations.