Our sectors


TABURY CONSULTANT realizes multiple partnerships with major French and international manufacturers. Our expertise and our proximity allow us to address all industrial stakeholders by always having a product-process approach that is our added value.

Aeronautics / Space / DefenseAvionics, Systems, Contractors


  • Project manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • CFD calculation study engineer
  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Android developer
  • CAD / CAD designer
  • Test Engineer
  • Embedded developer

Whether in civil aviation where fleets are constantly growing to meet the prospects for air traffic development or in defense where the armies seek to maintain their operational advantage by upgrading their equipment through a major effort in R & D; TABURY CONSULTANT collaborates with various market players, including "systemiers" and equipment manufacturers. We work in the fields of software, hardware and mechanics. Our consultants work on all phases of the projects, both in the specification, design and development phases and during the testing, validation and industrialization stages.

Land TransportAutomobile, Railway, Equipment Manufacturers


  • Mechanical design engineer
  • Engine Development Engineer
  • Calculator designer
  • Embedded Electronics Engineer
  • Management and project management
  • Organ tests
  • Process Pilot Engineer

The challenges of the transport sector today rely on safety, performance, ergonomics, communication and the preservation of the environment. In order to best meet the demands of outsourcing its customers,TABURY CONSULTANT accompanies the actors of this sector on all trades and the life cycle of products.

HeavyIndustriesIndustries and Processing Industry


  • Engineer and Maintenance Technician
  • Instrumentation and automation engineer
  • Engineer specialist revamping
  • QHSE Manager
  • Continuous Improvement Engineer
  • Equipment Buyer
  • Industrialization and Process Project Manager

The sector of heavy industries and transformation industry (chemistry, petrochemicals, cement works ...) face many changes and evolutions. In order to better meet the expectations of this sector, TABURY CONSULTANT is involved in the entire V cycle and in particular in the maintenance of industrial plants, production automation and continuous improvement.

Water and environmentWater and waste treatment, desalination plants, Sewage treatment plant, pumping station


  • OPC Manager
  • Fluid Mechanics Engineer
  • Electricity engineer
  • Instrumentation and automation engineer
  • Works Engineer
  • Project Buyer

Water and the environment have become major issues in today's world. Positioned in the water sector and the environment, TABURY CONSULTANT is involved in projects for the construction of seawater desalination plants by thermal or reverse osmosis, or for WWTPs, water treatment plants. process water, wastewater, or sludge treatment.

Infrastructure and constructionIndustrial and tertiary buildings, Linear Infrastructure, Major Projects, TP


  • Structural Calculation Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • HVAC Engineer
  • Project Engineer Civil Engineering
  • Draftsman VRD designer

TABURY CONSULTANT is fully involved in building the world of tomorrow! Driven by a policy of public investment in major projects such as Greater Paris, the construction of hospitals or new lines (LGV Brittany Pays de Loire in particular) flourish at the national and international levels.

TABURY CONSULTANT operates on the main construction and infrastructure projects: linear infrastructure, major projects, hospitals, industrial and tertiary buildings.

Today, our company is a partner of the main players in the sector (operators, builders, prime contractors, companies and design offices). Our consultants can intervene on the different stages of the project, from the study (feasibility study, detailed study) to the construction (execution, realization of works and project management).

HealthBiotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry


  • Industrialization engineer and continuous improvement
  • IT Developer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Medical Risk Analysis Engineer
  • Equipment qualification engineer

Positioned on the pharmaceutical industry and with medical device manufacturers, TABURY CONSULTANT is involved in the design (mechanical, electronic or software), industrialization, testing and validation (QO, QI, QP) and Regulatory business activities.

Our teams are also present in the areas of quality, project management and production data supervision (MES).

TelecomOperators, equipment manufacturers, integrators and key account customers


  • Network planning
  • Network Engineering
  • Piloting Deployment
  • exploitation
  • Support
  • Validation
  • Integration

Whether on wireless technologies, broadband or emerging new technologies, TABURY CONSULTANT works with the four main types of players in this market: operators, equipment manufacturers, integrators and key accounts.

Our consultants work on network infrastructures, devices and services. Our teams carry out numerous projects from design and engineering to production and support, through the validation, integration and deployment of equipment and transmission links.

RenewableEnergies, Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Thermal


  • Expediting
  • Mechanical Inspectors, EIA
  • Buyer Project and equipment
  • Process Engineer
  • Process Safety
  • Civil engineer
  • Designer and Group Leader General Installation
  • Remote control
  • Instrumentation
  • Electricity Engineer
  • Mechanical engineer

Energy is a fundamental resource in today's world. Whether in oil, gas, nuclear, renewable energy or thermal, TABURY CONSULTANT covers the entire energy mix in France and abroad. The interventions of our consultants range from the preliminary project to the start-up of the facilities, with a strong presence during the engineering phase. Present alongside contractors as prime contractors and builders, TABURY CONSULTANT projects.


We commit ourselves never to broadcast offers in anticipation of a future need or we do not meet you to feed a database. Each offer corresponds to a real and confirmed request from one of our clients. The majority of our offers are available on permanent contracts with a status frame. Insofar as we are committed to the long term, we expect each of our employees to share our values ​​and our involvement. TABURY CONSULTAN T charter, recalling our commitments and our values, is given to each new employee.